Health Project is the efforts to protect community members’ health through removing health threats across the community and improving health environment.

It includes

  1.  The improvement of basic health sanitation conditions
  2. The provision of hygiene education
  3. The support for health care facilities and medicals supplies, and
  4. Other health services.

GNTZ improves access to essential health and medical services for community members by removing their physical and financial barriers. Through utilize CHW program for home visiting, collecting data, etc. to narrow the distance between community members and health care system.

GNTZ improves quality of health care service by supporting health care facilities, providing medicines and medical supplies, and capacity building of local health workforce. Conducting CHW training and CHW supervisor training for capacity building of local health care workers. Providing and repairing basic medical equipments and facilities to improve local health care facilities.


Excessive Poverty

Mr. Abubakari Mohamed is 57 years old; he is living with his four family members who are poor at Kidomole village in Fukayosi Ward in Bagamoyo District. He is engaged in small scale farming and selling charcoal. Mr. Abubakari Mohamed was suffering with Tuberculosis and he have been attended at Kidomole dispensary for treatment although there was challenge in accessing quality health services. Kidomole dispensary services a population of 2,177 (women 1290, Male 1148) who coming from five sub villages includes Kinyemvua, Viagata, Mwanasenga, Relini and Usigwa. Kidomole dispensary was experienced a number of challenges such as absence of private room/refiling centre for attending the patients for consultation, lack of permanent water source, poor medicine storage room which leads to frequently damage of medicine. Due to those challenge, Mr. Abubakari Mohamed has been traveled to near village dispensary for example Fukayosi dispensary and even to Bagamoyo District Hospital which is very expensive for accessing to quality health services, where they felt comfortable and there is privacy for patient’s consultation. On March 2021, Good Neighbors Tanzania renovated the Kidomole dispensary by well partitioning the private room for consultation and maintained medicine storage room as well provides rain water harvest system for the aims of improving access to quality health services. Through this renovation, room are secured and functioned individually so that Mr. Mohamed feels more comfortable to get treatment and he doesn’t incur cost any more for transport and have enough time for engaging in his economic activities.

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Through health projects operation, GTNZ has achieved to increase the access to improved basic health care service and reduce health threats across among community and local governments through supporting medical equipments, construction and renovation of health facilities and health insurance.

CHWs are greatly contributing to health promotion and raising awareness, which makes it possible to manage childrenand community’s integrated nutrition and WASH related condition, where they aim to improve health and hygiene practices through community based early childhood education center and community as whole.