Approximately, 90% of refugee households and the refugee camps in Kigoma region require large quantities of wood fuel, with an average daily consumption of 1.8 kg-2 kg per person

Good Neighbors Tanzania Introduced Charcoal briquettes program on June 2018 as an alternative source of energy need to be promoted while efforts should also be made to reduce firewood consumption, and through the implementation of the charcoal briquettes project and Retained heat cooker at Refugee Camps to address the challenges highlighted by ensuring the knowledge on alternative source of energy is disseminated through trainings to the Refugee and Host communities.

The main objective is to enhance the Refugee population to have sufficient access to alternative energy sources for cooking with have less need for firewood collection. As a collection and use of firewood results in several issues such as environmental degradation, healthy risks, school dropout of girls, an increase in the number of SGBV cases, as well as time loss of income generation activities

Therefore, Charcoal briquettes project would then alleviate the need for the PoCs to collect firewood; or reduce the demand for firewood through energy efficient cooking practices, and in doing so, the SGBV risks associated with firewood collection would be removed or reduced and pace of deforestation slowed down.

The project has main two components

1. Community based intervention and trainings

The capacity building training to the communities on the charcoal briquettes Making to increase public awareness and community member or household can be in a position to produce briquettes for own consumption using local manual pressing machine and available agriculture residues and adopt biomass briquette as the alternative renewable energy source.

From 2019 GNTZ conducted community based intervention trainings-briquettes making to 16000 Refugees in Nyarugusu Camp.

Briquettes Making theory training for Refugees

Beneficiary receive certificate after the completion of the trainings.

Beneficiary (graduate) produce briquettes using manual machine for household use.

Practical Trainings - Briquettes Making

2. Charcoal briquettes Production and distribution (PSN & Protection)

GNTZ have the manufacturing unit Nyarugusu Camp that producing a briquettes and distribute to people with specific need and those who are under protection as a part of inclusiveness and ensure these groups are supported by alternative energy since they don’t have access to other cooking fuels for cooking however it is more risky for them to collect firewood in the forest.

GNTZ distribute charcoal briquettes to 700 refugees (people with specific needs and refugee living under protection shelter.

Charcoal Briquette

Briquettes manufacturing unit at Nyarugusu camp

Briquettes distribution

Drying briquettes after produced.