Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief

Goal: resilience and self reliance for Refugee and host community.

Disasters lead to human and economic loss, and damages in infrastructure. Especially the effects of accelerating climate change escalate the frequency and magnitude of disasters, widening affected areas where we thought were once safe. Communities that do not have proper resources to prepare are the most vulnerable against disasters, and a great majority of victims are children, women, and the poor.

Disasters recovery is critical but often neglected. Emergency support can enable people to overcome immediate problems, but increased vulnerabilities such as damaged infrastructures, broken livelihoods and collapsed safety nets bring about another disaster. In the end, communities are not able to sustain themselves and will collapse. We focus on three different aspects of emergency relief: first we focus on building the capacity of the community to prepare for disasters; second, we support those who suffer from disasters with appropriate assistance for their recovery and third we support refugees to enjoy their rights and strengthen their self-reliance.

GNTZ is working in Nyarugusu Refugee camp serving both Burundians and Congolese refugee with skills and knowledge for protecting environment by producing charcoal briquettes to people with special needs.

Moreover, host community member are being empowered to produce raw materials and prepared them to make good charcoal briquettes to serve refugee and host communities.



In the past (2016-2019), GNTZ has empowered refugee and host community with skills to formulate Saving groups, business skills and vocational trainings, preparation and management of kitchen gardens, construction of common markets for refugee and host community to use, training communities to produce charcoal briquettes for community and refugees.