Launching and Dedication Ceremony of #EQSSEZ project 

H.E. Dr. Hussein Ali Mvinyi, President of the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar is delivering a congratulatory speech at the #INSET Launching and Dedication Ceremony of #EQSSEZ project on 3rd August 2022 hosted by #Goodneighborstanzania.

“Enhancing the Quality of Secondary School Education through a holistic approach in Zanzibar project focuses on Maths, Science, and English teachers’ capacity building, particularly in competency-based pedagogical practices. The project is aligned with the government’s strategies to provide quality education based on our country’s current needs. This will be a stepping stone towards achieving the Zanzibar Education Development Plan, CCM Manifesto, and addressing the objectives of the #SDG4.

I am delighted to see development partners implementing this kind of project, which aligns with government development plans, strategies, and priorities. And this is a call to all other NGOs to learn from what #KOICA and #goodneighborstanzania are doing to support Education initiatives in Zanzibar. I therefore pledge and encourage all Maths, Science, and English form III and form IV Secondary School Teachers to participate effectively during the INSET program and to apply the acquired skills, knowledge, and techniques while teaching students in their classroom sessions.

The government will continue to work collaboratively with our partners, including #KOICA, #goodneighbors, and other implementing partners. We are eagerly looking to see this project implemented successfully with a remarkable impact on achieving our education strategic development objectives, inclusive and quality education for all Zanzibaris. Once again, I sincerely congratulate the government of South Korea, KOICA, and #goodneighbors for this significant contribution and support in the education sector.”